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Independent artists require customised services to cater for their income sources, keep record of expenses incurred in acquiring art materials and other projects as well as legal compliances of taxation laws. Of equal importance, accounting offers financial understandability, enhanced business tactics, and tax regulation. Hire accountants for artists from Octa Accountants today.

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Hire Accountants for Artists in the UK

An artist has the most exciting beginnings of their profession; however, dealing with taxes and financial responsibility can be daunting. You do not necessarily have to be an expert in accounting to do this either. You can pass those worries to our virtual accountants who are based in London and who are always keen in handling your financial issues with the utmost detail.

Dedicated Accountants & Virtual CFOs - bookkeeping and accounting services in london

Dedicated Accountant

A personal, certified UK accountant for artists manages your accounts, books, and payroll efficiently – so you can spend your time on other operations. Any kind of creator can reach out to us to get personalised financial services.

Income Statement Template

Income Management

Many artists tend to work on a freelance basis and earn their money through sales, commissions, grants and royalties. The various types of these incomes require specialised accounting to be monitored.

Expense List Template

Expense Tracking

Several types of expenses make up the entire costs. Expenses should be accounted for in a manner that is most effective in getting the highest value for tax exemptions and also for efficient budgeting. And we can help you in this department.

file self-assessment tax return - hire an accountant for taxes uk

Tax Considerations

Artists are able to claim on certain tax deductions and credits. Our accountants for artists make certain that all the tax laws are strictly observed to conserve large sums of money.

financial audit - audit assurance service in east london

Financial Planning

It would help consult accounting for putting in place a long-term financial model that comprises saving, investment, and directing one’s career as an artist towards retirement.

Project Profitability

It is possible to see the potential of any particular venture, which would let artists make the right decision going forward. So, we can assist you with your project forecasting as well.

Royalty & Licensing Management For Artists

Individual artists and musicians for instance engage in royalty and licence agreements and these are hard to manage. Managing such issues can be very useful especially if there is a dedicated service to offer such solutions to artists.

royalty management for artists

Royalty Tracking

This shall involve tracking down all the sources of royalty income and ensuring proper and timely remitting of the same.
licensing management for artists

Licensing Management

Our team assists in writing, revisiting, and discussing the contracts on licensing to ensure they are favourable to the artist.
Stay Compliant

Compliance Monitoring

We make sure that each and every licence agreement complies with the law and regulations. And we update you whenever it's necessary.
income projection (1)

Income Projection

We use existing agreements, past developments, and trends to estimate the future returns on royalties and present financial inflows.

Accounting Service Packages For Artists

Every artist may have different set of needs depending upon their portfolio and career stage. That’s why Octa Accountants offer customised pricing plans for accounting and bookkeeping services.



Bookkeeping & Accounting Services Plan for Small Artists in UK. This plan is best for people working on smaller projects.
  • Income Threshold: Up to GBP 5000 / month
  • Bookkeeping Basis: Monthly
  • Unlimited Bank Connections
  • Single Currency Support
  • Invoice Management
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Business Growth & Tax Advice



Starter Bookkeeping & Accounting Service Plan for Growing Artists in London or anywhere in the UK.
  • Income Threshold: GBP 5001-25000/ month
  • Bookkeeping Basis: Live
  • Unlimited Bank Connections
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Invoice Management
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Business Growth & Tax Savings Advice



As the name suggests, Booming Plan is for More Established Artists with a larger portfolio..
  • Income Threshold: GBP 25001-50000/ month
  • Bookkeeping Basis: Live
  • Unlimited Bank Connections
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Invoice Management
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Business Growth & Tax Savings Advice

Enterprise Plan for Artists

A customised service plan dedicated for artists with custom needs. The Enterprise Plan includes ALL THE FEATURES from the Accounting Booming Plan along with MORE customized features & pricing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about our accountants for artists.

Why do artists need specialised accounting?

The financial situation that most artists face include balancing their inconsistent income stream, expensing various costs unique to their profession, and dealing with taxes.

What services do you offer?

Some of the services we offer include bookkeeping, tax planning, producing financial statements, cash flow management, and the management of your special projects.

How can proper accounting benefit me as an artist?

Accounting provides the necessary understanding of financial pressures, staying tax compliant, goal-setting, and optimization of tax credits.

What are the different service packages available?

Our basic, starter, and booming packages are flexible enough to cater for any level of an artist in his/her music journey.

Do you offer virtual accounting services?

Indeed, we are offering virtual accounting services in London superbly designed for clients who seek to have their finances managed remotely by professional accountants.

How can I maximise tax deductions as an artist?

We assist in defining possible deductions for expenses related to art activity so that you can fully-authorise on tax-saving measures.

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