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Octa Accounts provide dedicated, efficient, and innovative company secretarial services to ensure your company’s compliance with the law. Get in touch with us to get your business in good hands.


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Service Features

Our dedicated company secretarial service provider takes full responsibility for ensuring your company’s legal compliance. It includes creating, updating, and organising various essential documents.

financial filings by company secretary

Financial Filings

Take care of filing Annual Returns and Company Accounts according to FRS 102 & IFRS standards.

company secretarial service with legal filings

Updates Legal Documents

Assists with updating company information; such as company name, address, & activities, etc.

agm & board meetings

AGM & Board Meetings

Organises the AGM (Annual General Meeting) & Board meetings to inform about the current financial situation.

company secretarial service to maintain compliance

Maintains Compliance

Identify legal issues within the company, inform the top management, and take action to eliminate them.

share transfers - company secretarial service

Share Transfers

Helps with the transfer of shares by one shareholder to an individual or a company.

share allotments - company secretarial service

Share Allotments

Streamlines the allotments of shares, to issue shares for either new or existing shareholders.

Benefits of Corporate Secretarial Service

Octa Accountants take company compliance one step further! Our corporate secretaries manage meetings, update documents, and keep your company compliant with legal/regulatory authorities. We manage your legal paperwork while you work on establishing your business. Here’s what you can expect from Octa Accounts:

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Every business has different needs when it comes to managing legal matters. That’s why we prepare bespoke corporate secretarial service plans according to a client’s requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about corporate secretarial service from our web visitors.

Who is a company secretary?

The role of a company secretary or corporate secretary is to manage the administrative work of a company. They align the operations in compliance with the UK's statutory regulations, requirements, and laws.


A dedicated corporate secretary looks for any legal risks to the company, informs the company directors, and takes action to alleviate the threat.


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What are company secretarial services?

Company (or corporate) secretarial services help you outsource your company's legal paperwork to an external service provider. The role of a company secretary is to ensure your company is legally compliant. They have in-depth knowledge and experience in good corporate governance and associated regulations of the United Kingdom. The company secretarial services help you mitigate regulatory or legal risks to your organisation and improve the relationship with company stakeholders.

How can I receive my company registers?

Although most of our clients do not want to go through the hassle of keeping a copy at their office, we can provide the registers on request ASAP. We keep all the essential documents of our clients safely in our dedicated accounts.

Do I need to form a company with you to get the service?

A client doesn't need to register a company with us. You can receive our expert company secretarial service regardless of any prerequisites. Although, if you have not incorporated your company yet, you can register your business in the UK with Octa Accountants.

How long does it take to initiate the service?

Octa Accountants may take up to 3-7 days to launch the full service. It includes appointing your dedicated company secretary and assembling the first set of statutory registers.

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