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Do you need business & risk advisory service for a UK-based startup or SME? Octa Accountants provide a one-on-one financial consultation to help you align your strategies and operations with your company goals. Get a free quote about our services, or book a meeting with dedicated business consultants now!

Do you need financial consultancy for your business? Octa Accountants provide one-on-one business advisory to help you align your strategies & operations with your company goals. 


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Service Features

Our Business & Risk Consultants analyse various aspects of your business to find loopholes in your current strategies and operations. They help you overcome specific barriers to help you extract the most out of your business resources.

business benchmarking

Business Benchmarking

We compare your progression with pre-designed benchmarks to assess operations and find possible gaps.

internal audit - audit & assurance

Internal Assessments

Internal audits assess a company’s processes to ensure they follow regulatory & industry standards.

business valuation & budgeting

Valuation & Budgeting

Octa Accountants help clients evaluate their business value in terms of assets, revenue, and market share.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Our team creates realistic long-term goals and strategies to help you make sound business decisions.

business health checks advisory

Business Health Checks

Gain a bird’s eye view of your organisation to identify the current shortcomings in your business.

Dedicated Accountants & Virtual CFOs - bookkeeping and accounting services in london

Virtual CFO

Virtual CFOs develop vital financial strategies and plans to handle all financial aspects of your company.

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Starting a business has never been easier due to growing digitisation in many industries. But it is causing higher competition among businesses in many sectors, making it harder for startups to win customers’ trust. Most companies seek top business consultants to know the art of running a business in this digital era. We help you:

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Every business has different needs when it comes to financial consultation. That’s why we provide bespoke business & risk advisory according to a client’s requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about business & risk advisory from our web visitors.

Why is business & risk advisory essential for startups?

We are living through times where starting a business has become easier but upscaling it to a reputable corporation is a significant challenge for many startups and small-medium businesses. Business & Risk Advisory helps you evaluate current discrepancies and risks associated with your business model. Octa Accountants help you mitigate legal, regulatory, technology, and financial risks to ignite your growth in today's cut-throat business environment.

What is benchmarking in business?

Benchmarking in business is a process to compare your business's KPIs to an industry leader/competitor or a pre-designed standard benchmark to uncover your current performance. It allows business owners or top management to discover the areas a company lacks. They can improve on fulfilling those gaps to maximise a business's true potential and growth.

How often should the risk assessment be reviewed?

A business should go for risk assessments at least once a year, but it is better to examine business risks if:


  • Notable changes were made to premises processes or designs.
  • New equipment, machinery, or procedures are introduced.
  • External factors are impacting the business or industry dynamically.


Although the best answer is whenever something comes up, which may have a potentially enormous effect on your business, you may need the help of expert business advisors or analysts.

What are risk and financial advisory?

Risk and financial advisory help companies alleviate several business risks such as Regulatory & Legal Compliance, Strategic & Cyber Risk, Accounting & Internal Controls, Transactions and M&As, etc.

How to attract investors to your business?

All investors think about is the return on investment they can receive by funding a business. If you can portray that your business will benefit them, you are close to receiving funding from them. Here are a few things that you have to highlight while pitching your business to potential investors:


  • Talk about numbers - Show them your current financial performance or give them an idea of how you will reach a specific profitability mark
  • A solid business plan - A carefully designed business plan portraying your overall strategies is the key to winning investors.
  • Unique business idea - Most investors look for a new and innovative idea that would be a game changer in the industry
  • Powerful business story - What made you start this business? Was there a gap or need? Tell them your story!
  • Investment structure - Investment comes with some legal complications. You must ensure investors that they can finance your business without any hassle.
  • What will you do with the investment, and how will you return them? - Again, investors want something in return. They would not finance you without expecting anything in return. Show them how you will use the investment and what they will receive from it - along with a safe exit strategy.

How to value a business?

Understanding the market value of a business is essential if you are selling your business or want to know the current value of your company. 

  • Determine the value of assets - Assess the value of everything a business owns, such as equipment and inventory. Also, deduct any liabilities and debts.
  • Add up revenue - Calculate and determine the annual sales your business makes. The best way is to know the value of a similar business in your industry, generating similar results. 
  • Use earning estimates - A multiple of a company's earnings or price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio would be a more relevant measure in this case. Try estimating the company's revenue for upcoming years for better business valuation.
  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis - Do a discounted cash flow analysis to assess a business's annual cash flow. Project the cash flow into the future and discount the future cash flow's value to this time, using an NPV (Net Present Value). Use an online NPV calculator to find this easily.
  • Identify External Factors - Do not limit your analysis to numbers only; look for external factors such as the geographical location of your company or potential strategic value for an acquirer.


Know more: "How to value a business in the UK?"

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