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By offering specialised accounting services to charities and non-profit organisations, Octa Accountants is dedicated to improving the lives of people in our neighbourhood. We are here to help these organisations’ financial stability and sustainability because we recognise the critical role they play in solving a range of social and environmental challenges. Hire accountants for non profits and charities from Octa today!

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Hire Dedicated Accountants for Non Profits in London UK

Rest easy knowing that your financial matters are overseen by capable hands. Delegate your accounting responsibilities to us as you steer your startup toward success. Have a glimpse at service features provides by our accountants for non profits and charities.

Dedicated Accountants & Virtual CFOs - bookkeeping and accounting services in london

Dedicated Accountant

A personal, certified UK accountant for sole trader business manages your accounts, books, and payroll efficiently – so you can spend your time on other operations.

Bookkeeping services - bookkeeping and accounting services

Efficient Bookkeeping

Our professional bookkeeping services ensure that your financial records are maintained, providing a clear and organised picture of your company’s financial health.

grant audit - audit & assurance services in london

Grant Applications

We provide assistance with grant application preparation, assisting you in obtaining the cash required to support your projects and increase the impact of your work.

vat registration & filing service

VAT Filing & Return

Octa Accountants handle your VAT filings, making sure that all calculations are precise, submissions are made on time, and compliance with VAT requirements is met, avoiding expensive fines.

file self-assessment tax return - hire an accountant for taxes uk

Self Assessment

Our tax accountants offer self-assessment tax services, helping you complete and submit your personal tax returns accurately and on time, maximising your tax efficiency.

private limited company registration

Company Registration

We can assist in the company registration process, helping you navigate legal requirements and ensuring a smooth start to your business operations. Visit our plans to know more.

Bank Affiliations

Bank Connections

We offer services that include syncing financial data between your bank accounts and accounting software, streamlining the process of real-time financial tracking, and more.

HMRC Compliant - file self assessment tax return

Company Secretarial

We take care of your company’s yearly Confirmation Statement filing, ensuring that all legal obligations are met while freeing you up to concentrate on your main lines of business.

Donor Reporting

We give your contributors thorough financial reports that show accountability and transparency in the use of their gifts.

Let Octa Manage Your Accounting Burden

At Octa Accounting, we think that by assisting regional nonprofits and charities, we can help create more dynamic and powerful local communities. We are dedicated to assisting these organisations in thriving by offering them the financial services they require to accomplish their goals and have a positive impact.

specialised expertise

Specialised Service

Our accountants for non profits and charities have specialised expertise in the particular financial needs and reporting specifications of nonprofit and philanthropic organisations.
transparency and accountability

Transparency and Accountability

Octa Accountants use sophisticated accounting procedures that deliver transparent financial data, empowering your business to make sound decisions with confidence.
cash flow optimisation

Grant and Funding Management

We provide assistance with managing grants, contributions, and other funding sources to ensure that funds are properly distributed and put to use for their intended purposes.

Types of Non-Profits & Charities We Help:

At Octa Accounting, we’re proud of our productive collaborations with neighbourhood nonprofits and charities. Here are a few instances where using our services has improved things:

accountants for community development companies

Community Development

We provided financial process streamlining assistance to a nearby community development organisation, which led to more precise budgeting and greater grant funding. 

Environmental Conservation

We worked with an environmental conservation group to handle their intricate grant reporting needs and financial reporting requirements to win donors’ confidence.

Accountants for orphanage and children's shelters

Children's Shelter

We helped a children’s shelter organization to provide a safe haven to vulnerable children, thanks to the funding they received with our financial accounting and counselling.

Accounting service for youth education programme

Youth Education Programme

With our help, a youth education programme was able to improve the efficiency of its donor management system, which led to higher donor involvement and ongoing financial support.

Charity Accounting Service Packages

Contact Octa Accounting right away if you are a local nonprofit or charity looking for trustworthy and qualified accounting services. We can work together to ensure that our communities have a brighter future.



Bookkeeping & Accounting Services Plan for Smaller Charities & Non Profits in London, United Kingdom.
  • Revenue Threshold: Up to GBP 5000 / month
  • Bookkeeping Basis: Monthly
  • Unlimited Bank Connections
  • Single Currency Support
  • Invoice Management
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Business Growth & Tax Advice



Starter Bookkeeping & Accounting Service Plan for Growing Non-Profits & Charities in the UK.
  • Revenue Threshold: GBP 5001-25000/ month
  • Bookkeeping Basis: Live
  • Unlimited Bank Connections
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Invoice Management
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Business Growth & Tax Savings Advice



As the name suggests, Booming Plan is for Established Non Profit Organisations with higher requirements.
  • Revenue Threshold: GBP 25001-50000/ month
  • Bookkeeping Basis: Live
  • Unlimited Bank Connections
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Invoice Management
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Business Growth & Tax Savings Advice

Enterprise Plan for Charity Accounting

A customised service plan dedicated for sole trader businesses with custom needs. The Enterprise Plan includes ALL THE FEATURES from the Accounting Booming Plan along with MORE customized features & pricing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about our accountants for non profits and charities from our web visitors.

Why ought my nonprofit or charity to pick Octa Accounting?

The accounting services offered by Octa Accountants are specifically designed to meet the distinctive requirements of charitable and non-profit organisations. We have a track record of assisting these organisations in becoming financially stable and having a good influence on the areas in which they operate. We stand out for our dedication to social responsibility and go above and above to support your purpose with typical accounting services.

What kinds of accounting services do you provide to nonprofits and charities?

In addition to bookkeeping, tax planning and compliance, audit preparation, financial training, assistance with grant applications, donor reporting, and other services, we also provide a wide range of other services. Our services are tailored to your organisation's unique needs.

Can you assist with managing and reporting grants?

Yes, we have a lot of expertise managing and reporting grants. We can help you with grant application preparation, grant management, and reporting requirements compliance, assisting you in obtaining and successfully utilising grant funding to further your goal.

How do you make sure financial reporting is transparent and accountable?

For charities and nonprofits, accountability and transparency are essential. We follow strict guidelines for financial reporting and deliver concise, in-depth reports that show how money is spent. We also provide your employees with training and direction on how to read financial information.

What sets Octa Accounting apart from other accounting firms?

Our commitment to social responsibility, specialised expertise in non-profit accounting, dedication to community involvement, and our track record of client success are some of the key factors that set us apart. We view our clients as partners in creating positive change.

What is the best accounting software for non profit companies in the UK?

Octa Accountants recommend integrating QuickBooks or Xero into your financial management processes. These user-friendly accounting software platforms are ideal for charities in the UK. They simplify financial record-keeping, enable efficient management of finances, and streamline tax-related tasks. Our team ensures a smooth transition to these platforms, if you decide to get our services.

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