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Do you want to incorporate a company in the UK? Look no further! Octa Accountants’ company incorporation service can seamlessly help you register a business in the UK. Book a free meeting with an expert or get a quote right now!

Do you want to incorporate a company in the UK? Look no further! Octa Accountants’ company incorporation service can seamlessly help you register a business in the UK. 


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Service Features

You have to decide on a company type before registering a company. These are the most common company formations.

private limited company registration

Private Limited Company

A private limited company (PLC) does not offer its ownership to the public and minimises the liability of the owners. 

public limited company registration

Public Limited Company

To register a Public Limited Company, you need a share capital of 50,000 or more – along with 2 or more directors and a company secretary.

sole trader company registration

Sole Trader Company

As a sole trader, you are the one who owns and runs the company. The owner is accountable for the liabilities or debts. 

community interest company registration

CIC Registration

The goal of Community Interest Companies (CIC) is to work for the benefit of a community rather than for shareholders or members.

private unlimited company registration

Private Unlimited Company

Private Unlimited companies get a high level of secrecy for their finances as they are not legally liable to submit annual accounts to Companies House.

limited liability partnership registration

LLP Company

In a Limited Liability Partnership, partners’ liabilities are limited – also, they share the debts and profits according to an LLP agreement. 

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Service Benefits

Before launching your business in the UK, it is a legal requirement to register your company. Companies House (UK’s company registrar) is the regulating authority which may approve or reject your request. Once your application is approved, you receive a certificate that ensures you are legally compliant to run a business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about company incorporation from our web visitors.

When should you register your company?

You do not need to register a business as a sole trader or general partnership. But if you decide to limit your liability by establishing a legal entity (a company), then it is essential to register your company with Companies House.


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Why incorporate a company in the UK?

There are many benefits of incorporating a company, such as:

  • Tax advantages
  • Limited liability protection
  • Your company is an entity on its own
  • Higher credibility
  • Protected business name
  • More business financing options
  • Better shareholder options


Checklist for UK-based company formation?

You may want to know the required information before applying for registration with Companies House. So here's a quick checklist:


  • Company Name (it must have Ltd. or Limited at the end if you are forming a private limited company)
  • An office with a registered address
  • SIC Code (It explains your business type)
  • Details of Directors, Shareholders, and Company Secretary
  • Proof of ID (photo ID and proof of address)

What is company registration process?

There are some essential requirements and documents that you need to incorporate into a company in the UK. Following is the company registration process:


1.Assemble the necessary documents

  • Passports and residential address proofs of you and directors/shareholders you want to add.
  • Find your SIC code AKA Standard Industrial Classification Code. It defines your industry and the applied rules/regulations to your business.
  • Choose your company address. You can mention your home address if you are a sole trader.

2. Complete the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association

  • Articles of Association - It explains how you run the company, such as policies for shareholders and dividends.
  • Memorandum of Association - It reassures your company setup and membership with the company. 


3. Submit the documents and application to Companies House

Why do you need a company incorporation service?

A company incorporation service helps people register a company seamlessly. You can apply for a company registration online at Companies House, but the process can be complex and overwhelming for most people. Once the company is registered, you must apply for corporation tax to HMRC. Furthermore, you will have to issue share certificates, statutory company registers, annual accounts, tax returns, and more.


If you outsource company incorporation to a third party like Octa Accountants, you can save yourself from the tiring company registration process. And you can allow us to manage the post-registration tasks as well.

How much does company registration cost?

The cost of registering with Companies House is £12. Later, you will need to keep updated records annually, costing up to £13 online and £40 via post. It will be costly and time-consuming for most businesses, unless they hire an on-site staff to manage all the tasks. But it is more cost-effective to outsource the whole work to a third-party accounting firm like Octa Accountants. We make your registration process seamless and manage the accounts to save you from such hassle.

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