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Wave Accounting Software is a cloud-based accounting solution designed for small or growing businesses, freelancers, or entrepreneurs. It provides useful tools for managing finances, such as invoices, expense tracking, accounting, and reporting. Book a free meeting to hire a Sage accountant in the United Kingdom.

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Getting Started with Wave Accounting Software

Wave Accounting Software is known for its user-friendly interface and is in high demand amongst small businesses or startups due to its affordability. Let’s discuss a bit about the first few steps you need to get started on Wave Accounting.

Wave Accounting Software

Setting Up Wave Account

Sign up for a new Wave account. Set up the profile for your business. Connect your bank accounts with Wave Accounting Software


Visiting the Dashboard

Next, you will see an overview of the dashboard layout. From here, you can access key features such as invoicing, accounting, and reporting.

Invoice features

Invoicing Features

Wave accounting allows you to create and send invoices. Manage invoice payments and set up reminders for your convenience via this feature.

Expense Tracking

Expense Tracking

You can easily record expenses and income. Use expense tracking to manage accounts payable and receivable.

Bank Reconcilation

Bank Reconciliation

Match the bank journal entries automatically with the transactions listed in your bank account to keep track of your bank statements.

Financial Reports

Financial Reporting

You can generate financial reports such as balance sheets and profit/loss statements via Wave Accounting’s report feature.


Integrations & Apps

Wave Accounting can easily be  integrated with other third-party apps, making it easy to sync your financial data.


Seamless Collaboration

Work out with your accountant, bookkeeper, or colleagues by granting them a separate access to your Wave account.

Pricing Plan for Wave Accounting Software

Wave Accounting Software offers two pricing plans to its users. 


This is Wave Accounting's most basic plan, which is totally free. It is best for small businesses or startups looking for extremely affordable options to manage all their accounting needs.


  • Unlimited estimates, invoices, bills, and bookkeeping records
  • Accept online payments
  • Invoice Management on-the-go via the Wave app
  • Manage cash flow and customers in one dashboard


This is a more professional plan offered by Wave Accounting, priced at a mere $16 per month or $170 per year. It is more suitable for thriving businesses with a large customer base and the need to save precious time.



+ Everything included in Starter Plan

  • Option to accept online payments at a discounted rate
  • Auto-import bank transactions
  • Auto-merge and categorize bank transactions
  • Digitally capture unlimited receipts and track expenses
  • Automate late payment reminders

Pros & Cons of Wave Accounting Software:

Here, we will be discussing the pros and cons of Wave Accounting Software.



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Wave Accounting Alternatives


Both Wave and QuickBooks have similar key features like invoicing, expense tracking, accounts payables and receivables and more. QuickBooks, although takes an advantage in the feature set as it has more invoice templates and lending services but one thing from which Wave take away the limelight from QuickBooks is its free pricing plan with a lot of features. In the end, both are suitable for small scale businesses.

QuickBooks Accounting Software
Sage 50 Cloud Accounting Software

Sage Accounting

Sage is also made specifically for small scale businesses and it also has almost the same feature set as FreshBooks including invoicing, expense tracking and bank reconciliation. The main difference where Wave clearly wins is the pricing, the most basic plan offered by Sage is priced at $58.92 which is a lot for small scale businesses, whereas Wave offers a completely free pricing plan with no hidden charges of any sorts.

Xero Accounting

Xero is also a cloud-based accounting software with the same feature set as FreshBooks. Xero is very user friendly as compared to FreshBooks with its easy to navigate user interface. But, here again Wave beats Xero in the pricing plan as Wave is free to use but Xero offers its most basic plan for $15 per month which can be a lot for businesses who are just starting out.

xero accounting software

Wave Accounting FAQs

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about Wave accounting software from our web visitors.

Does Wave Accounting offer a mobile app?

Yes, Wave Accounting software provides a dedicated app for its customers who want to manage their finances on the go.

Can my invoices and reports be customized on Wave accounting?

Yes, Wave makes it easy to customize invoices and reports with your business’s logo and branding.

Is Wave accounting secure?

Yes, your data is our data. Your data is fully secure with us and encrypted.

Does Wave accounting offer customer support?

Yes, Wave Accounting offers email and online customer support to its customers for any queries you might have.

Is Wave accounting free?

Yes, Wave Accounting is a fully free software with no hidden charges. However, we do have a paid plan for users who want to opt for it and get access to more features.

Can I use Wave accounting for two or more of my businesses?

Yes, Wave accounting allows you to manage two or more businesses under one account by switching between other business profiles in the same account.

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