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What is Xero accounting software? Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that helps with managing finances. Whether you’re a small startup or a growing business, it can assist you with keeping financial records safely and timely. If you need help with Xero accounting services, Octa Accountants can help. Book a free meeting to hire a Xero accountant in the United Kingdom.

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Need Xero accounting services in the United Kingdom? We can help you find a Xero accountant who can assist you with managing finances for this dedicated software. Octa Accountants has Xero-certified accountants who can help with handling business finances seamlessly.

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How to use xero accounting software?

Making an account on Xero is fairly easy. You just have to buy the plan and the checkout process begins where you have to put in the information. Once you buy the plan, you can start the setup to complete the process. The following are key features of Xero accounting and how you can use them:

Setting Up Xero Account - find a xero accountant

Setting Up Xero Account

Build your organisation profile respecting all the prompts, such as business name, location, focus of business, etc. Connect your accounts to Xero through the secured bank feed feature.


Visiting the Dashboard

When you’ve signed in, the dashboard gives you the highlight of your financial picture. On the dashboard, you can edit features like billing, cash flow, bank statements, reporting, and other ones.

Invoice features

Invoicing Features

Make and mail a formal invoice to your clients professionally. You can use your invoices to give customers your branding and your preferred way of collecting payments. 

Expense Tracking

Expense Tracking

Record and categorise expenses. This shall facilitate easy customer experience as you will only be required to upload receipts and attach them to corresponding transactions.

Bank Reconcilation

Bank Reconciliation

Match the bank journal entries automatically with the transactions listed in your bank file(s). Also reconcile after every period to make sure the accounts are accurate.

Financial Reports

Financial Reporting

Xero comes with these inventory and production reports as standard including profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow statement, aged receivables, aged payables, etc. 


Integrations & Apps

Xero connects with various apps including its own and those from third parties to expand its functionality, such as for payroll, customer, inventory management, etc.


Seamless Collaboration

Work out with your accountant, bookkeeper, or colleagues by granting them a separate access to your Xero account with different levels of permission.

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Do you need Xero accounting services? Find a Xero accountant in the United Kingdom via Octa Accountants. We have a dedicated team of Xero-certified accountants who can help you set up the software and manage your day-to-day business finances.

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Xero Accounting FAQs

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about Xero accounting software from our web visitors.

What is Xero Accounting?

Xero Accounting is an accounting software that is shifted into the cloud for the purposes of handling various financial matters of the business competently. It provides capabilities such as sending bills, bank reconciliation, expenses tracking, payroll handling and generates reports.

Is Xero the right tool? Xero for small business?

Yes, Xero can serve as an efficient accounting software for small and mid-sized business enterprises (SMEs). One of its attractive features is a simple to use interface which allows for quick and convenient growth and adaptation. Its price tag also makes it the first or next choice especially for the fast-growing startups.

Is it right to say that Xero does invoicing?

Xero creates invoices to your clients so you can design templates, track payments, and send emails of invoice reminders automatically to the clients. Additionally, the portal is integrated with the online payment system to ensure the easy payment related process.

Is Xero compatible with other software and platforms?

Absolutely, dealing with more than 100 third-party applications is not a big deal for Xero, including different payment gateways, CRM systems, tracking programs for stock levels, and a lot of other tools. It makes businesses able to achieve efficiency rates with the fact that they can centralise their operations as well as the data across many different platforms.

How does Xero guard against security breaches of data?

Xero through advanced security tools such as encryption and regular security audits and compliance with the industry standards can ensure the user data is properly protected. As an addition, users may activate two-factor authentication to provide another level of security.

Is Xero able to follow tax laws?

With capabilities like tax calculation, VAT/GST tracking, and financial reporting, Xero makes sure that businesses are always on the right side of the law. In addition, it creates a section for taxation which includes tax reports and filing tax returns.

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