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Can’t handle the stress of law practice while updating your finances? With Octa Accounting at your side you can completely set your mind on your legal practice, fully understanding that your financial affairs are being properly taken care of by experts. From balancing your accounts to managing cash flow and maximising your tax efficiency, our team is all in to make your life easier every step of the road. Hire accountants for barristers and lawyers from us in the UK.

Accountants for Barristers & Lawyers

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During our meeting, you'll have the opportunity to share your challenges while we offer tailored solutions designed to address them.

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Once you're onboard, our team of accountants will diligently handle your accounting tasks, enabling you to focus on business growth and innovation.

Hire Accountants for Barristers & Lawyers in the UK

Without expert accounting help, you are at danger of lagging behind, nowadays the law industry is competing greatly. Here’s how our accountants for barristers and lawyers can help manage your financial burden:

Dedicated Accountants & Virtual CFOs - bookkeeping and accounting services in london

Dedicated Accountant

A personal, certified UK accountant for law practices manages your accounts, books, and payroll efficiently – so you can spend your time on other operations.

Bookkeeping services - bookkeeping and accounting services

Efficient Bookkeeping

Our professional bookkeeping services ensure that your financial records are maintained, providing a clear and organised picture of company’s financial health.

Invoice Maintenance

Invoice Management

To ensure prompt and correct billing for your clients, improve cash flow, and lessen the administrative effort, Octa Accountants enhance your invoice management process.

vat registration & filing service

VAT Filing & Return

Octa Accountants handle your VAT filings, making sure that all calculations are precise, submissions are made on time, and compliance with VAT requirements is met

private limited company registration

Company Formation

We can assist in the company registration process, helping you navigate legal requirements and ensuring a smooth start to your business operations. 

Bank Affiliations

Bank Connections

Our services include syncing financial data between your bank accounts and accounting software, streamlining the process of real-time financial tracking.

file self-assessment tax return - hire an accountant for taxes uk

Self Assessment Tax Filing

Our tax accountants offer self-assessment tax services, helping you complete and submit your personal tax returns accurately and on time, maximising your tax efficiency.

Strategic Planning

Personalised Plan

Octa Accountants discuss your needs and requirements first before initiating the service – so you get a personalised plan. Contact us to get  accounting packages.

3 reasons for trusting our accounting services for law firms

Our staff offers excellent accounting services for barristers and lawyers. We provide comprehensive assistance to advance your business, from reducing bookkeeping procedures to optimising tax methods. Whether you require streamlined accounting & bookkeeping for law businesses or expert guidance for payroll , we offer comprehensive packages for all your needs.

Accounting services for Barristers & Lawyers

Legal Sector Experience

Our organisation has many years of commitment to dental professionals and we know all the pros/cons. We are familiar with the opportunities and challenges that your industry faces.

Personalised Service

At Octa Accountants, we give individual attention and time to building communication bridges with our clients. It allows us to create customised plans for every client.
Upgraded customer services

Proactive Support

Our team continuously scans for the industry trends and changes in the regulatory perspectives for the benefit of your business. No uncertainties remain in your financial matters.

Accounting Service Packages For Law Practitioners

Every law business is different, and they all have different financial demands, which Octa Accounts is aware of. We therefore provide a variety of customizable pricing packages made to accommodate enterprises of all sizes and degrees of complexity. But here’s an overview of our standard pricing plans for businesses:



Bookkeeping & Accounting Services Plan for Small Law Businesses in UK. This plan is best for individual lawyers and barristers.
  • Revenue Threshold: Up to GBP 5000 / month
  • Bookkeeping Basis: Monthly
  • Unlimited Bank Connections
  • Single Currency Support
  • Invoice Management
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Business Growth & Tax Advice



Starter Bookkeeping & Accounting Service Plan for Growing Law Firms in London or anywhere in the UK.
  • Revenue Threshold: GBP 5001-25000/ month
  • Bookkeeping Basis: Live
  • Unlimited Bank Connections
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Invoice Management
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Business Growth & Tax Savings Advice



As the name suggests, Booming Plan is for More Established Law Firms with a higher requirements.
  • Revenue Threshold: GBP 25001-50000/ month
  • Bookkeeping Basis: Live
  • Unlimited Bank Connections
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Invoice Management
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Business Growth & Tax Savings Advice

Enterprise Plan for Lawyers & Barristers

A customised service plan dedicated for lawyers and barristers with custom needs. The Enterprise Plan includes ALL THE FEATURES from the Accounting Booming Plan along with MORE customized features & pricing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about our accountants for barristers and lawyers from our web visitors.

What accounting services are offered to law firms by Octa?

The accountants for barristers are specialised in accounting and financial services which are designed to suit the specific needs of legal professionals. These are services that could include accounts, tax planning, financial reporting, budgeting, and financial planning for instance.

Why do law practitioners need law specialist accountants?

Barristers and lawyers have specific tax and financial problems that are different from those of other people, for instance, they have to manage fees, expenses, and taxes that are associated with being self-employed. Only a specialised accountant with a sound knowledge of the obstacles faced by the barrister’s service can propose the right solutions for them.

What can I expect from Octa Accountants' accounting service?

Hiring an accountant who is aware of the legal profession's specifics, barristers will be able to enhance their financial affairs, reduce their tax obligations, keep in line with the regulatory requirements, and make wise decisions which will support their practice's growth and profitability.

What tax considerations are important for barristers?

Barristers often operate as self-employed individuals or through chambers, which can have implications for taxation. An accountant experienced in working with barristers can provide guidance on managing tax obligations, claiming deductions, and maximising tax efficiency.

What role does an accountant play in tax planning for barristers?

Accountants can develop tax planning strategies tailored to barristers' specific circumstances, such as managing tax payments, structuring business entities, utilising tax deductions and credits, and planning for retirement and estate taxes.

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