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Are you looking for effective financial management solutions for your small business? Look nowhere else. Octa Accounting is here to fulfil your small business needs, we are here to give you the support and resources you need to successfully negotiate the complexities of financial management while concentrating on your core abilities. Hire accountants for small businesses from Octa!

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Once you're onboard, our team of e-commerce accountants will diligently handle your accounting tasks, enabling you to focus on business growth and innovation.

Hire Dedicated Accountants for Small Businesses in London UK

Juggling a variety of duties is part of running a small business, and sound money management is essential for long-term success. Our small business bookkeeping and accounting services provide individualised solutions that lessen the strain of financial responsibilities, enabling you to focus your attention on deliberate business progress. Here’s how our accountants for small business can help!

Bookkeeping services - bookkeeping and accounting services

Organised Bookkeeping

To ensure organised and current financial records, accurate bookkeeping involves precisely recording financial activities.

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Efficient Accounting

Creating income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements in order to present a thorough financial snapshot.

file self-assessment tax return - hire an accountant for taxes uk

Timely Tax Planning & Filing

Strategic counsel to maximise deductions and optimise your tax approach, ultimately lowering your tax bill for savings.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management

Our accountants ensure effective administration of payroll, including wage determination, deductions, and tax withholdings.

Our Accountants for Small Businesses Make Your Job Easier

Our staff offers excellent accounting services for small businesses. We provide comprehensive assistance to advance your business, from reducing bookkeeping procedures to optimising tax methods. Whether you require streamlined accounting & bookkeeping for small businesses or expert guidance for payroll , we offer comprehensive packages for all your needs.

Optimized Ecommerce Cashflow

Accurate Figures

Skilled accountants guarantee that your financial records are free of mistakes and compatible with laws.
Authentic Financial Data

Financial Insights

Regular financial reports offer insightful information that helps you make better decisions.
Cost & time savings

Time Savings

By outsourcing bookkeeping work, you have more time to concentrate on your main business activities.
tax accounting for landlords and small businesses

Tax Compliance

Experienced tax accountants help you remain on top of your tax requirements and deadlines.

Types of Small Businesses We Help:

Examining financial data enables you to spot patterns, gauge profitability, and plot a growth path. Octa Accountants, specialized in providing expert guidance for startups, not only helps you with numbers but translates them into actionable insights. Our accountants for small businesses conduct analysis to drive your startup’s strategy.

accountants for tech startups

Tech Businesses

Innovating with cutting-edge technology products or services, these startups find their stride in transforming industries. With our  dedicated startup accountants, their financial strategy aligns seamlessly with their visionary tech pursuits.

accountants for ecommerce startups

E-commerce Businesses

Thriving within the digital landscape, e-commerce startups captivate global audiences. The small business accountants navigate the complexities of online transactions, ensuring smooth financial operations.

accounting services for services businesses

Service Businesses

Specialists in bespoke services, these startups cater to distinct client needs. With adept accounting for startups, their financial journey is streamlined, allowing them to focus on delivering excellence.

accounting for social impact startups

Non-Profit Businesses

Catalysts for change, social impact startups address societal concerns while pursuing financial sustainability. Their commitment is bolstered by expert business accountants who understand the unique challenges they face.

accounting for healthcare startups

Healthcare Businesses

Pioneers at the intersection of science and entrepreneurship, these startups redefine healthcare. Aided by best accounting for startups, they manage intricate finances, propelling their medical innovations forward.

accountants for retail startups

FMCG Businesses

Enriching lives with tangible creations, consumer goods startups craft products that resonate with everyday needs. With accounting for small businesses, the financial foundations are fortified for sustained growth.

Small Business Accounting Service Packages

Every small business is different, and they all have different financial demands, which Octa Accounts is aware of. We therefore provide a variety of customizable pricing packages made to accommodate enterprises of all sizes and degrees of complexity. You will always know precisely what you are paying for thanks to the transparency of our pricing options. We have packages that meet your needs, whether you’re a startup searching for simple accounting services or an established company needing complete financial management.



Bookkeeping & Accounting Services Plan for Smaller Businesses in London. Get our Basic Plan to outsource your burden!
  • Revenue Threshold: Up to GBP 5000 / month
  • Bookkeeping Basis: Monthly
  • Unlimited Bank Connections
  • Single Currency Support
  • Invoice Management
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Business Growth & Tax Advice



Starter Bookkeeping & Accounting Service Plan for Growing Small Businesses in London or anywhere in the UK.
  • Revenue Threshold: GBP 5001-25000/ month
  • Bookkeeping Basis: Live
  • Unlimited Bank Connections
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Invoice Management
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Business Growth & Tax Savings Advice



As the name suggests, Booming Plan is for Quickly Growing Small Businesses with a higher requirements.
  • Revenue Threshold: GBP 25001-50000/ month
  • Bookkeeping Basis: Live
  • Unlimited Bank Connections
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Invoice Management
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Business Growth & Tax Savings Advice

Enterprise Plan for Small Business Accounting

A customised service plan dedicated for small businesses with custom needs. The Enterprise Plan includes ALL THE FEATURES from the Accounting Booming Plan along with MORE customized features & pricing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about our accountants for small businesses from our web visitors.

Why should I think about hiring a professional accountant for my small business?

Professional accounting services provide precise financial records, well-informed choices, and adherence to tax laws. They give you more time to focus on important business tasks. You can rely on Octa Accountants to provide accountants for small businesses.

In what ways may precise bookkeeping help my small business?

Accurate bookkeeping ensures that you have well-organised records for tax purposes, gives you a clear view of your company's financial health, and aids in budgeting and planning.

How do you ensure data security for my financial information?

We take data security seriously. Our systems are equipped with industry-standard security measures to safeguard your financial information. Your data's confidentiality is our top priority.

What distinguishes accounting from bookkeeping?

While accounting includes a more thorough study of financial data, providing insights and strategic recommendations for your firm, bookkeeping focuses on the recording and organisation of financial transactions.

How frequently will I get financial updates?

Depending on the bundle you choose, financial reports may come more frequently. We provide frequent updates so you're always aware of the financial health of your company.

Are you able to help with tax preparation and filing?

Definitely. Our professionals are knowledgeable about tax laws and can help you with tax planning, deductions, and on-time filing to reduce your tax liability.

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