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FreeAgent   Software

FreeAgent is a highly advanced cloud-based software for accounting which allows small business companies, self-employed people and various kinds of individual entrepreneurs to organise their financial flows. Contact Octa if you’re looking for an accountant for FreeAgent.

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Need FreeAgent accountants in the United Kingdom? We can help you find a FreeAgent accountant who can assist you with managing finances for this dedicated software. Octa Accountants has certified professionals who can help with handling business finances seamlessly.

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Features of FreeAgent Accounting Software

Wave Accounting Software is known for its user-friendly interface and is in high demand amongst small businesses or startups due to its affordability. Let’s discuss a bit about the first few steps you need to get started on Wave Accounting.

Invoice features

Advanced Invoicing

Make, deliver, and monitor high-quality invoices in little to no time at all. Brand your invoices to depict your company logo and other features to give it a business like touch.

Expense Tracking

Expense Tracking

Record and categorise expenses rapidly through the mobile application by capturing the receipt through a phone camera.


Custom Dashboards

It helps you analyse productivity and performance of your business with mini dashboards on specific aspects of your business.

time saving finance service - company secretarial service

Time Tracking

Time-sheet can also be created using the integrated time tracking system to distinguish between billable and non-billable hours. Turn the tracked time seamlessly into invoices.

Bank Reconcilation

Bank Integration

Link bank account for importing transactions into FreeAgent. It supports many banks and other financial organisations either limited or public and local and international.

Tax Management

Tax and Compliance

Completing and submitting VAT returns to HMRC could not be easier thanks to FreeAgent. The software is acknowledged by HMRC therefore making the submissions seamless.


Payroll Management

You can manage payroll with the addition of payslips and submission to the HMRC under RTI. Employer’s approved leave and expenditure can be processed on the same portal.

Financial Reports

Detailed Reports

It prepares extensive profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and cash flow statements. These reports give a significant aspect of your business performance.

Getting Started With FreeAgent

FreeAgent Pricing

FreeAgent is specifically built for small business owners. That’s why, they have a single straightforward pricing plan at $11/month only – which is roughly £8.70/month at the moment.




For the first six months, you get a 50% discount.

After that, you pay:

Multi-currency invoicing and sales tax reporting for £17.39 each month. Optional add-ons may incur fees and are added through your FreeAgent account.

Pros & Cons of FreshBooks

Here, we will be discussing the pros and cons of FreshBooks Accounting Software.



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FreeAgent Alternatives


QuickBooks is a popular accounting software among small companies. It has plenty of features and powerful reporting tools. It provides payroll management, bank reconciliation, cost monitoring, and invoicing. While FreeAgent and QuickBooks share some features, QuickBooks is slightly more expensive.

QuickBooks Accounting Software
Sage 50 Cloud Accounting Software

Sage Accounting

With nearly the same essential feature set, Sage accounting software is likewise extremely comparable to FreeAgent. The big distinction is that Sage’s pricing is almost 3x higher than FreeAgent. 

Xero Accounting

Another accounting software that many small businesses use is called Xero. It offers the same functions as QuickBooks and FreeAgent, including bank reconciliation, cost monitoring, and invoicing. Xero is a better option if you’re running a “goods” based business. Although FreeAgent is still a more cost effective option for small businesses.

xero accounting software

FreeAgent Accounting FAQs

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about FreeAgent accounting software from our web visitors.

What is FreeAgent?

FreeAgent is an accounting software that is used for business and self-employment such as freelancer and contractors. Some of them include invoicing, expenses, taxes, and reports all of which are associated with financial management.

How does FreeAgent help with invoicing?

Users can create and send invoices that are professional and automated bills for repeat usage and follow the status of payments. It also offers templates to allow customers to make invoices that correlate with their business’s images.

Can FreeAgent track expenses?

Yes, FreeAgent allows its users to capture, code, store receipts and even track expenses incurred through mileage. This acts as a favour so that record keeping for a particular fiscal period may be effected or favoured for tax credit analysis.

How does FreeAgent handle tax preparation?

Another clear example of decreasing costs is that FreeAgent contains tools for automatic calculations of the amount of tax and VAT, submission of the self-assessment. It assists in adherence to the set tax laws and decreases the opportunity to make mistakes.

Does FreeAgent integrate with other applications?

Yes, FreeAgent has the ability to connect with other applications and organisations such as payment processors, banks and crm. This integration makes work easier because it combines or acts as bridges that connect different applications increasing their efficiency in data handling.

Who should use FreeAgent?

FreeAgent is specifically for small business and self-employed individuals who work independently; this includes contractors, freelancers as well as accountants. It is suitable for any other industry and the program is developed in a manner that a user with little knowledge of accounting can easily work on.

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