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7 Best Blogs For Accountants To Follow

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Mar 7, 2024

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7 Best Blogs For Accountants To Follow

We have compiled a list of best blogs for accountants to follow. Why? Because finding reliable and informative accounting blogs can be a valuable resource for professionals in the field. The world is moving faster and faster, so in the context of modern financial sphere, keeping track of the new market trends, legal regulations, and optimal practice techniques is an essential principle for both professional, as well as for the enthusiast. Whether you are a professional accountant handling financial management for a company, a business person managing small scale structural issues and trying to understand the financial world or just keen on how the financial world functions, these blogs give you the advantage you deserve. 

7 Best Blogs For Accountants To Follow

1) AccountingWEB

AccountingWeb is one of the dominant accounting blogs for accountants, covering tax updates, industry updates, technology revolutions as well as accounting portability. The portal is specialized in targeting individuals who are in possession of operating accountancy companies and offers effective and professional info which is acknowledged among the best accounting blogs. The content of the article has been divided into several areas namely, taxes, accounting standards and regulations.

Key Takeaways:

2) Future Firm

Future Firm is an accounting blog which is specially created for accounting students and professionals as well. Its main theme is the recent news and trends in the accounting sector. Some columns definitely give off a bit of a tabloid gossip thing – that can be quite entertaining for small business owners who might like to spend time just reading the newspaper. 

Furthermore, the owner, Ryan Lazanis himself has divided the blogs into “episodes” to make every read a next step to simplify the reading for the visitors. Everything is discussed briefly so the reader’s time is saved while giving the main essence of the message. It’s a blog that is worth adding to our list of blogs for accountants.

Key Takeaways:

3) Octa Accountants Blog

Octa Accountants’ Blog is mostly known as the best place to find a guide to your accounting and business questions. You can always access its various content online on topics like bookkeeping, tax planning, VAT registration, company formation, virtual CFO and financial analysis. The blog is quickly becoming the source of information for many people to find the right advice from professionals.

Our writers are content professionals who have a keen eye on creating practical and helpful content for the audience. Here are few key topics you may love to read on our website and you might love to add us in your list of accounting blogs:

How to register a company in the UK?

What is the role of a Virtual CFO?

How to register for VAT in the UK? Guide on VAT Registration

UK Self-Assessment Tax Filing: What You Need To Know

How to use QuickBooks Online? – Complete Setup Guide

Key Takeaways:

4) Xero Blog

Xero’s Blog is a blog where Xero users can go to find advice and learn about features and other related to Xero software. These blogs serve to enhance their users’ experience and confidence as they learn about the industry better and use more tools. Furthermore, Xero has created some helpful tips on managing complex accounting principles such as, accounting/bookkeeping, tax filing, VAT filing & registration, and many more. It definitely deserves to be one of the top accounting blogs for accountants to follow!

Key Takeaways:

5) Jetpack Workflow

Jetpack Workflow is undoubtedly the best management tool, and so rightly at the peak of our “must haves” list. We are committed to giving you the needed resources, knowledge and good practice management in order to succeed in your business and grow. Our blog puts an emphasis on different tools available to you that you can use to boost your revenue by simplifying process organisation and working with staff, so that there is enough time to meet not only professional but personal goals as well as to keep responsibilities under control.

Key Takeaways:

6) CPA Practice Advisor

The CPA Practice Advisor has gained its reputation as a wellspring of crucial wisdom owing to invaluable resources for CPAs and accounting professionals. It has resources you can look through like technology reviews, practice management and professional tips, and gives you an insight of the latest trends and news in the field as well.

When compiling a list of effective accounting blogs, it is important to consider the following factors: the topical relevance of the discussed subjects, the truthfulness and the trustworthiness of the data, the trust and the reliability of a blog and the level of contention that creates among readers are some issues that need to be looked at.

Key Takeaways:

7) Insightful Accountant

As Insightful Accountant is a blog tailored to provide in depth looks at accounting topics in accordance with proper analysis and point of view. Insightful Accountant is the only complete online learning platform for accountants and bookkeepers with the purpose of facilitating success in business and assisting accounting professionals in catching up on industry trends and innovations through various live events and training sessions. 

In addition, the website rates on various accounting software, tax preparation equipment, practice consulting services, cloud technology integration solutions, and any extra resources and tools. Its articles delve into administration, rules, and operation, thus giving a broad range of topics. Insightful Accountant, unskilled workers gain access to a mighty assistant with computing power and data analysis skills as the essential friend of contemporary workplaces.

Key Takeaways:

Topics to write if you're starting your own blog for accountants:

1) Understanding Financial Statements:

– Illustration of balance mortgages, income declarations and cash inflow deprivations.

– Interdependency of financial ratios and ratios interpretations.

– Provision of the analysis of financial statement in the directives of decision-making.

2) Taxation Tips and Strategies:

– Tax saving pointers for individuals and collectively owned

– News about tax laws and regulations may come up once in a while.

– Usually, personal tax breaks are built around standard deductions and tax credits.

3) Small Business Accounting:

– Small businesses’ accountancy systems procedures determination.

– Bookkeeping best practices

– We will cover the critical matters of budgeting and cash flow management for small businesses.

4) Auditing and Assurance:

– The main principle of auditing and articulation of processes and procedures.

– The varieties of audits (financial, operational, and compliance) is a subject of an attention level.

– The craft of detecting and avoiding various types of trouble like fraud.

5) Financial Planning and Investment:

– Retirement planning strategies

– Investment options and portfolio management tips

– Risk management and asset allocation strategies

Final Verdict

Finally, these are top blogs you must be following if you’re an accountant, tax expert, or anyone who wants to learn more about finance management. Feel free to contact us if you want us to cover any topic or have any question in mind.

As Octa Accountants, we provide various services such as accounting/bookkeeping, VAT filing, self-assessment, auditing, company formation, virtual CFO, and many more.

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